Project Slayers Map 1 & Map 2: Ouwohana - Every Location, NPC, Quest & Boss - BORDERPOLAR (2023)

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In the Demon Slayer-themed Roblox game Project Slayers, you can follow the path of a Demon Slayer or a Demon, train yourself and power up to fight your way through enemies. The game features many quests, Breathing Trainers, and NPCs in areas inspired by the anime and manga series. To help you coordinate yourself better, we have compiled a guide containing the complete Project Slayers map and all locations of NPCs, Bosses, Muzan's spawn locations, and more, courtesy of the guides available on the official Project Slayers Trello board.

While you are here, don't forget to check for the latest Project Slayers codes and the currently available Project Slayers private server codes.

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The Ouwohana Map is a WIP. Several locations remain to be filled.

Project Slayers Locations & Map: Map 2 – Ouwohana

Project Slayers Map 1 & Map 2: Ouwohana - Every Location, NPC, Quest & Boss - BORDERPOLAR (1)

Nomay ViIlage

In Nomay Village, you can purchase Bandages from Rina for 69 Wen, visit Jeph to repair your Katana, or buy one of the starting Katanas for 1069 Wen. You can also start two quests, one from Tyrone and one from Mae.

Quests in Nomay Village

  • Save Nomay Village (Questgiver: Tyrone, Level Requirement: 50+)
    • Defeat 3 Nomay bandit 0/3
    • Defeat 1 Nomay bandit boss 0/1
    • Completing this quest awards 850 EXP and 280 Wen.
  • Find Mae's Glasses (Questgiver: Mae, Level Requirement: 50+)
    • Reward: 0 Exp and 950 Wen

Bosses in Kiribating Village

  • Nomay Bandit Boss (mini-boss)
    • Health: 1000
    • Drops: Tier 1 Chest

Wop City

In Wop City, you will find the Flame Breathing Trainer, where you can start the quest for Flame Breathing if you are level 75+, have 10,000 Wen, and 150 Demon Horns.

You will also find Ouw0pp, where you can sell items for Wen and buy Ore and Demon Horns.

Behind Wop City, you will be able to find two bosses. Renpeke and Swampy. Defeating Renpeke is required to learn Flame Breathing, while you can learn the Swamp Domain move from Swampy if you are a Swamp BDA user.

Ouw0pp's Selling Prices

You can only spend Wen that you have acquired from items you are currently selling to Ouw0pp to buy the two items below:

  • Ore For 8000 Wen
  • Demon Horns For 250 Wen

Ouw0pp's Buying Prices

You can sell items to Ouw0pp for the following prices:

  • Sabito mask For 1000 Wen
  • Giyu's Haori For 2000 Wen
  • Zentisu's Haori For 2000 Wen
  • Shinobu's Haori For 2000 Wen
  • Tanjiro's Haori For 2000 Wen
  • Lightning Katana For 2500 Wen
  • Water Katana For 2500 Wen
  • Wind Katana For 2500 Wen
  • Giyu's Katana For 2500 Wen
  • Shinobu's Katana For 6000 Wen
  • Claws For 7000 Wen
  • Fishing rod For 1750 Wen
  • Nezuko pacifier For 1500 Wen
  • Zuko's Necklace For 50 Wen
  • Lantern For 300 Wen
  • Health Elixir For 140 Wen
  • Health Regen Elixir For200 Wen
  • Stamina Elixir For 185 Wen
  • Bandages For 50 Wen

You can buy potions from Mercy in Wop City:

  • Health regen elixir for 300 Wen
  • Health elixir for 200 Wen
  • Stamina elixir for 250 Wen

You can also start a quest from the Policeman NPC (Lvl 105+).

Quests in Wop City

  • Rescue missing civilians (Questgiver: Policeman, Level Requirement: 105+)
    • Save 4 civilians 0/4
    • Defeat swamp demon 0/1
    • Completing this quest awards 750 Exp and 350 Wen.

Cave 1

In Cave 1, you will find a Demon Slayer.

Quests in Cave 1

  • Defeat 4 Yowai demons in Cave 1 (Questgiver: Demon Slayer, Level Requirement: 50+)
    • Defeat 4 Yowai demons 0/4
    • Completing this quest awards 1250 exp and 525 Wen.

Cave 2

In Cave 2, you will find a Demon Slayer.

Quests in Cave 2

  • Defeat demons in Cave 2 (Questgiver: Demon Slayer, Level Requirement: 50+)
    • Defeat 3 Heiken demons 0/3
    • Defeat the Reaper demon 0/1
    • Completing this quest awards 1100 Exp and 750 Wen.

Mugen Train Station

You will find the Conductor at Mugen Train Station, who will sell you a ticket to enter the Mugen Train Dungeon, starting every hour at XX:00. Each ticket costs 5000 Wen or 50 Robux.

Rengoku (Boss)

Rengoku is a late-game boss. He has a 10% chance to award flame users a special move (Purgatory) when defeated.


Tier 5 Chest
10% chance to give the move purgatory
15% Ore
25% Daily spin

Rengoku location
Cave 1, then follow the left path outside of the cave.

Frozen Lake

Village 2

Mist Trainer Location

You will find the Mist Trainer here, where you can start the Mist Breathing Questline. You will also find Muichiro Tokito, who you must defeat to learn Mist Breathing or to learn Mist Breathing's 6th move.

Wop’s Training Grounds

You can buy Gourds and perform Gourd Training for your Breathing at Wop's Training Grounds. You will also find mattresses for pushups and meditation, so this is the location Breathing questlines will take you in Ouwohana.

Beast Cave

You will find the Beat Trainer at the Beast Cave, where you can start the Beast Breathing Questline and the boss Inosuke.

Akeza Cave

In Akeza Cave, you will find the Demon boss Akeza (Akaza). If you drop down from the cave and go north, you will find the Enme Demon boss.

Project Slayers Locations & Map: Map 1

Project Slayers Map 1 & Map 2: Ouwohana - Every Location, NPC, Quest & Boss - BORDERPOLAR (2)

Here are all the locations you can access in the Project Slayers.

Starter Village (Kiribating Village)

Kiribating Village is the initial spawn point in the game. Here you can talk to Rina to purchase bandages. Bandages cost 69 Wen each and can heal yourself or your fist's durability. If your fists are hurt, the bandages will prioritize healing them, and once they are fully healed, they will heal you for 15 HP.

In Kiribating Village, you will also find Jeph, who will repair your weapon for 75 Wen.

Quests in Kiribating Village

  • Collect 4 Rice patches for Sarah (Questgiver: Sarah, Level Requirement: 1+)
    • Reward: 45 XP & 120 Wen
  • Deliver to the marked location (Questgiver: Grandpa Wagwon, Level Requirement: 1+)
    • Reward: 45 XP & 150 Wen
  • Defeat 5 of Zuko's subordinates (Questgiver: Somi ? Quest #1, Level Requirement: 1+)
    • Reward: 50 XP & 21 Wen
  • Defeat two subordinates while carrying Riyaku: Rescue Riyaku (Questgiver: Somi ? Quest #2, Level Requirement: 1+)
    • Reward: 135 XP & 25 Wen
  • Defeat Zuko (Questgiver: Somi ? Quest #3, Level Requirement: 1+)
    • Reward: 80 XP & 40 Wen

Bosses in Kiribating Village

  • Bandit Zuko
    • Health: 250
    • Drops: 20% chance to drop Zuko's Necklace

Zapiwara Mountain

In Zapiwara Mountain, you will find the Thunder Trainer. You can start the questline to learn the first 5 moves of Thunder Breathing as a Demon Slayer here, if you are level 12+, and give the trainer 5000 Wen. This is also the location of the Zanegutsu Kuuchie boss.

Bosses in Zapiwara Mountain

  • Zanegutsu Kuuchie
    • Health: 1000
    • Drops: Tier 1 Chest, 10% chance to give Thunderclap and Flash Sixfold to Thunder Breathing Demon Slayers/Humans (Thunder Breathing's sixth move)

Zapiwara Cave

In Zapiwara Cave, you will find the Blood Demon Art (BDA) Spins NPC, where you can learn your BDA once you reach level 15 as a Demon or use your BDA spins to reroll your Blood Demon Art. You will also find Naratia in front of Zapiwara Cave.

Quests in Zapiwara Cave

  • Get rid of Demons in the cave (Questgiver: Membere Memoken, Level Requirement: 10+)\
    • Objective: Defeat 3 Sakurai Demons 0/3
    • Reward: 235 XP & 66 Wen

Waroru Cave

In Waroru Cave you will find the Water Trainer (Sakonji Urokodaki). You can start the questline to learn the first 5 moves of Water Breathing as a Demon Slayer here, if you are level 12+ and give the trainer 5000 Wen. This is also the location of the Sabito boss.

Bosses in Waroru Cave

  • Sabito
    • Health: 900
    • Drops: Tier 1 Chest, 12% chance to drop Sabito's Mask (+30 HP)

Ushumaru Village

In Ushumaru Village you can purchase a Fishing Rod from Mark for 2500 Wen, a valuable item to boost your Wen farming. Mark also buys fish for you:

  • Red Fish ? 90 Wen
  • Carp ? 180 Wen
  • Salmon ? 300 Wen

You can also buy Elixirs and Potions from Mercy:

  • Stamina Potion
    • Effect: Recovers 25% of your stamina and gives a +20% buff to your regen rate.
    • Cost: 250 Wen
    • Drop rate from bosses: 70%
  • Regeneration Potion
    • Effect: 10x increase in Health regen rate and gives a +15% buff to your regen rate.
    • Cost: 300 Wen
    • Drop rate from bosses: 70%
  • Health Potion
    • Effect: Recovers 15% of your health and gives a +20% buff to your heal rate.
    • Cost: 300 Wen
    • Drop rate: 70%

You will also find Tony at a mountain in front of Ushumaru Village, who can sell you claws for 250 Demon Horns. You will also find Betty close to Tony, who was one of the best quests to farm Wen early on. Ushumaru Village is also the location of the Kaden boss.

Quests in Ushumaru Village

  • Deliver food to Naratia (Questgiver: Kurake, Level Requirement: 1+)
    • Reward: 75 XP & 150 Wen
  • Find Betty's missing gem stone
    • Reward: 0 XP & 500 Wen
  • Defeat 4 Kaden's subordinates (Questgiver: Grandpa Shiron ? Quest #1, Level Requirement: 20+)
    • Reward: 215 XP & 80 Wen
  • Defeat the Bandit Kaden (Questgiver: Grandpa Shiron ? Quest #2, Level Requirement: 20+)
    • Reward: 315 XP & 100 Wen

Bosses in Ushumaru Village

  • Kaden
    • Health: 900
    • Drops: Tier 1 Chest

Abubu Cave

In Abubu Cave you will find Tomi.

Quests in Abubu Cave

  • Clear cave for Tomi (Defeat three demons inside it) (Questgiver: Tomi, Level Requirement: 25+, Prerequisite: Complete Poma‘s quest in Kabiwaru Village)
    • Reward: 250 XP & 66 Wen

Kabiwaru Village

In Kabiwaru Village you will find Kenzie, from whom you can purchase a Lantern for 600 Wen that will help you see better at night and lessen the fog around you. You will also find Poma to start her questline, leading you to Tomi in Abubu Cave.

Quests in Kabiwaru Village

  • Talk to Tomi (Questgiver: Poma, Level Requirement: 25+)
    • Reward: 50 XP & 25 Wen

Final Selection

You can visit this location as a Human to become a Demon Slayer once you reach level 15. Here are the daily slots for the Final Selection, which you must complete to become a certified Demon Slayer.

  • 6 am EST
  • 11 am EST
  • 4 pm EST
  • 10 pm EST

Check our Final Selection guide for Starting Time counters and tips on how to complete successfully the Final Selection.

Ouwbayashi Home

In Ouwbayashi Home you will find the Yahaba and Susamaru bosses. Both bosses spawn only at night and burn at sunrise. Both are endgame bosses that drop T2 Chests.

Bosses in Ouwbayashi Home

  • Yahaba
    • Health: 2000
    • Drops: Tier 2 Chest, 10% chance to give the move Arrow Spikes to Arrow BDA Demons
  • Susamaru
    • Health: 2000
    • Drops: Tier 2 Chest, 10% chance to give the move Tamari Meteor to Tamara Ball BDA Demons

Wind Trainer

You can find the Wind Trainer (Jinger) and start the questline to learn the first 5 moves of Wind Breathing as a Demon Slayer here, if you are level 12+ and give the trainer 5000 Wen. You will also find the Sanemi boss here.

Bosses in Wind Trainer

  • Sanemi
    • Health: 1500
    • Drops: Tier 1 Chest, 10% chance to give the move Idaten Typhoon to Wind Breathing Demon Slayers/Humans

Dangerous Woods

In Dangerous Woods, you will find two bosses; Nezuko (spawns during the day and at night, does not burn at sunrise) and Slasher Demon (spawns at night, burns at sunrise).

Bosses in Dangerous Woods

  • Slasher Demon
    • Health: 1400
    • Drops: Tier 1 Chest, 10% chance to give the move Speed Rush to Reaper BDA Demons
  • Nezuko
    • Health: 1400
    • Drops: Tier 1 Chest, 10% chance to give the move Blood Burst to Blood Explosion BDA Demons

Butterfly Mansion

You can find the Insect Trainer (Shinobu) and start the questline to learn Insect Breathing as a Demon Slayer at Butterfly Mansion, if you are level 12+ and give the Insect Trainer 5000 Wen. You can also find Slayer Corp uniforms here to use if you have completed the Final Selection and fight the Shiron Boss.

Bosses in Butterfly Mansion

  • Shiron
    • Health: 1500
    • Drops: Tier 1 Chest, 10% chance to give the move Butterfly Dance: Caprice to Insect Breathing Demon Slayers/Humans

Giyu Boss Location

Here you will find Giyu and his minions. Giyu is located south of Butterfly Mansion, in the wilderness. Just go straight south from the Horse Guy and you will probably see Giyu roaming around after 10-20 seconds.

Giyu Boss

  • Giyu
    • Health: 2100
    • Drops: Tier 2 Chest, 10% chance to give the move Constant Flux to Water Breathing Demon Slayers/Humans

Muzan Spawn Locations

Muzan only spawns at a night, however his location is not fixed. He can spawn randomly at one of several designated spawn spots (Check out guide on how to find Muzan for more info). There are three possible Muzan spawn spots in Butterfly Mansion, so this is a the best place to keep looking for him by hopping around servers. There is also the option to purchase the Muzan Gamepass for 600 Robux, which will notify you when Muzan spawns and lead you to him, but most players would want to avoid spending so much for such a gimmicky gamepass.

Muzan's Quests

Once you reach level 15 you can talk to Muzan to start the Demon questline that will turn you to a demon. Once you turn to a demon Muzan will have the following 6 quests for you whenever you encounter him.

You can pick up up to 5 quests from Muzan at a time:

  • Eliminate 13 Mizunotos at the butterfly mansion
    • Reward: 250 Wen and 1050 XP
  • Eliminate Sabito
    • Reward: 115 Wen and 950 XP
  • Eliminate Zanegutsu Kuuchie
    • Reward: 66 Wen and 600 XP
  • Eliminate Giyu
    • Reward: 264 Wen and 1300 XP
  • Eliminate Shiron
    • Reward: 90 Wen and 850 XP
  • Eliminate Sanemi
    • Reward: 90 Wen and 920 XP

If you play the game as a Demon make sure to check our Project Slayers Blood Demon Arts Tier List, or our Breathing Tier List if you play as a Demon Slayer, and don't forget to check our Clans Tier List and Weapons Tier List. For more Project Slayers guides, check our website's Project Slayers section!


How to move around the Project Slayers map?

The best way to move around the map is to equip your map (press 2) and unlock all locations by spending map points. Currently there are 13 locations you can unlock on the map.

Each map point costs 75 Robux or 1,200 Wen. You can use the Horse Guy to fast travel around all the map locations you have unlocked.

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How many gourds for total concentration project slayers? ›

To get max total concentration in Project Slayers, you will need to use the following amount of Gourds: 7 Small Gourds (21 Blows) 7 Medium Gourds (35 Blows) 13 Large Gourds (156 Blows)

Where does slasher demon spawn project slayers? ›

In Project Slayers, you can find Slasher demon in Dangerous Woods during nighttime. If you have read the Demon Slayers manga, you may already know that the Slasher demon who was responsible for killing many humans finally met his fate at the hands of the Flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku during the Mugen train arc.

What is the max breathing level in project slayers? ›

On Level 3, you will reach Total Concentration Breathing, where your breath capacity will reach 115. You will no longer have to breathe manually to fill up the meter - the game will do it for you.

How do you get a wisteria in haori? ›

Haori's are only obtainable at a minimum Breathing Level of 99.1 --> 100 (Max Breathing). You must have max lung capacity. The functional counterpart of the Haori is Total Concentration Breathing.

Where do you craft Kaigaku Katana? ›

All you have to do is have the dark thunder breathing style, then go to the kaigaku npc in the forest hideout with the dark thunder essence.

How do you get Kaigaku to spawn? ›

Kaigaku can spawn randomly in Hayakawa and Okuyia between 30 minutes - 2 hours. Players everywhere around the map will be notified when Kaigaku spawns as well as their distance relative to his.

Who is Yahaba demon slayer? ›

First up is Yahaba (voiced by Xander Mobus), a menacing figure who teams up with Susamaru to ambush Tanjiro in Asakusa under Kibutsuji's orders. He has eyes on both of his hands and can generate arrows that manipulate directional forces with his Blood Demon Art, making him dangerous in long-ranged battles.

How many scars does Sanemi have? ›

Sanemi had two large scars on his face that he got at the hands of his demon-turned mother. The scars he got from his mother also made him colorblind in his right eye. Sanemi would have died if it wasn't for his unique Marechi Blood that disoriented his mother's senses, giving the former an opening to cut her down.

Who is the creator of Project Slayers? ›

Put bluntly, Project Slayer is a Roblox game made by ouw0pp and his dev team. The game is based on the demon slayer series by Koyoharu Gotouge.

How do you get Academy Tanjiro? ›

Academy Tanjiro can be unlocked by viewing 40 memory fragments. Academy Nezuko can be unlocked by viewing all 53 memory fragments. Academy Zenitsu can be unlocked by completing 15 reward missions. Academy Inosuke can be unlocked by completing 19 reward missions.

Who make Muzan a demon? ›

The first demon that is said to have existed was Muzan Kibutsuji. The one who turned him into a demon was a generous doctor from the Heian Period, who wanted to save Muzan from death since, at the time, he was diagnosed with a disease which would kill him before he turned twenty.

What flower is Muzan finding? ›

Muzan's ultimate goal is to attain an immortal body. He wanted to be able to walk in the sunlight and live forever. In order to gain this, he needed two things: the Blue Spider Lily and the body of a demon who could withstand the sun.

What demon art does Muzan use? ›

2/10 Biokinesis – Muzan

The main feature of his Blood Demon Art is cell and body manipulation, allowing him to shapeshift and alter his body in various ways.

How many breathing can Tanjiro use? ›

There are 14 different Breathing Styles Demon Slayer's can make use of, and most typically specialize in one during their time in the corps.

What is the 2nd strongest breathing style in Demon Slayer? ›

Demon Slayer: 10 Strongest Breathing Forms, Ranked
  1. 1 Sun Breathing, Thirteenth Form.
  2. 2 Moon Breathing, Sixteenth Form: Moonbow, Half Moon. ...
  3. 3 Stone Breathing, Third Form: Stone Skin. ...
  4. 4 Flame Breathing, Ninth Form: Rengoku. ...
  5. 5 Water Breathing, Tenth Form: Constant Flux. ...
  6. 6 Thunder Breathing, First Form: Thunderclap and Flash. ...
Dec 14, 2022

Can you have 2 breathing styles in Demon Slayer? ›

It is possible for a swordsman to use more than one Breathing Style technique at a time, allowing the user to take advantage of the advantageous aspects of both techniques. Tanjiro Kamado, for example, can use both the Water Breathing and Sun Breathing styles simultaneously.

Does Shinobu use wisteria? ›

Wisteria is used by Shinobu to create a medication which would turn a Demon back into a human.

How do Japanese train wisteria? ›

To begin training a new plant onto a pergola or arbor, allow two or three young shoots to twine loosely around each other and the post as they grow. This will help to provide added interest to the plant's structure, since the woody stems become contorted and picturesque with maturity.

Who owns the Nichirin sword? ›

Blue Nichirin Blade

One of the most prominent swords seen in Season 1, the blue sword represents Water and its owner, Giyu Tomioka uses it in fluid movements that make him a skilled and formidable killer.

Who made Tanjiro's Nichirin sword? ›

Master Swordsmith: Hotaru is a skilled swordsmith, able to forge the Nichirin Sword and repaired it multiple times each time it broke against the Lower and Upper Ranks. After Tanjiro chipped his sword in his battle against Upper Rank Six, Gyutaro and Daki, Hotaru trained more to make a stronger sword.

What ore is Zenitsu's sword made of? ›

In the anime, the sword is forged from scarlet crimson iron and scarlet crimson ore, which are collected from the mountains.

How much XP does Zenitsu give? ›

Who is Zenitsu? Agatsuma Zenitsu is a mini-boss in Demonfall that uses Thunder Breathing. Demons can get a quest for executing him, however Slayers can still kill him and get exp. This mini-boss has 350 HP and gives 300 XP upon execution, and respawns fast just like the Green Demon and Axe Demon.

Can Kaigaku use first? ›

Since Kaigaku couldn't use the First Form he was mocked due to him being very prideful despite not being able to use the most basic technique.

Why Kaigaku Cannot use first form? ›

Kaigaku who was strong never be able to learn first form just because his pride he never learned it. The reason he think it is basic form it is useless it is easy to learn for anyone so i won't do it. As we seen tanjiro using this form directly without learning in just first try to decapitate hantengu.

What is Akaza's wife name? ›

Miyoko Akaza
BornFebruary 10, 1944 Aichi, Japan
Years active1967-present
SpouseToshiya Fujita

Who is Akaza's dad? ›

Akaza Naonori

What was Akaza's old name? ›

Over a century ago, Akaza was a human by the name of Hakuji before being turned into a Demon personally by Muzan. He first appeared as the final antagonist of Mugen Train Arc. and grew resentful towards Tanjiro because Muzan reprimanded him for being unable to take his life.

Who did doma turn into a demon? ›

Over a century ago, Doma held the position of Upper Rank Six ( 上 じょう 弦 げん の 陸 ろく , Jōgen no Roku?), and during that tenure, he turned Gyutaro and Daki into demons and introduced them into the Twelve Kizuki.

Why did Sanemi become color blind? ›

Sanemi, still in shock, became partially colorblind as their mother dissolved in the sunlight. After that, Sanemi abandoned Genya and began to hunt demons on his own with suicidal devotion.

Who kills Tengen? ›

Nezuko setting Tengen on fire. By the end of the battle, Gyutaro's poison has spread throughout Tengen's body resulting in his inability to speak. As he lays dying from the poison, Nezuko Kamado intervenes and uses her her Blood Demon Art to burn the poison out of his system, allowing him to rejoice with his wives.

Who is Slayers wife? ›

Sharon is Slayer's wife, and apparently immortal and invincible; for one thing, she can survive getting drained of blood by Slayer without any apparent lasting effects (one of Slayer's opening scenes before a battle shows him completely draining her).

Is the creator of KNY a girl? ›

is the author of demon slayer a woman? Yes. Gotoge never revealed their gender themselves but at some point a WSJ employee apparently leaked that they were a woman.

Can you sell demon horns in project slayers? ›

Selling Demon Horns

You can sell Demon Horns to the NPC Tony, who lives in Ushumaru Village. This area is just beyond Zapiwara Mountain, and can be located on your map. Although Tony will not buy Demon Horns for WEN, he will give you Claws if you provide him with 250 Demon Horns.

What do the gourds do in Project Slayers? ›

Gourds are items you get at Butterfly Mansion(inside of it). There are three types of gourds small, medium, and large. To buy a medium gourd you must break 6 small gourds, to buy large gourds you must break 6 medium gourds. The higher the gourd the more progress it gives you for breathing.

What is the rarest BDA in Slayers unleashed? ›

List of Blood Demon Arts and their likelihood of being available:
  • Doma (4% Chance)
  • Daki (3% Chance)
  • Gyokko (3% Chance)
  • Gyutaro Sickle (3% Chance)
  • Shadow (3% Chance)
  • Akaza (2% Chance)
  • Hantengu (2% Chance)
  • Muzan (1% Chance) (New BDA)
Jul 28, 2022

What is total concentration constant in Demon Slayer? ›

'Total Concentration' refers to concentrated breathing patterns used by the Demon Slayers Corp which increases the users' lung capacity and amount of oxygen in the bloodstream. This enhances their physical abilities and mental concentration so that they can fight on par with demons more powerful than the average human.

What is the best breathing in Project Slayers? ›

All breaths are ranked in tiers from S to B, with S being the strongest and B the weakest relative to each other. B-tier breaths are still strong. The order within a tier does not matter. You obtain your first breathing style in Project Slayers through gameplay.


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